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contact Charles A. Stewart at carlosst_11369@yahoo.com
Telephone    646 249-9165

Kite Making

This workshop, which is suitable for ages 6 and up, allows for decoration of a kite sail and the assembly of a kite. Some time is devoted to kite safety issues, and participants are taught how to launch and fly the kite.

Kids Making Kites

Kids Making Kites

Kite History

In this workshop, more time is devoted to kite history and kite theory. Kite safety is covered as well. Participants are taught how to recognize and correct kite flying problems. Participants then assemble a diamond-shaped kite, and will have the knowledge to fly it successfully.


Kites in the Classroom

This workshop is for groups, or individuals that want to learn how to make kites for kids of all ages. They are taught kite basics. Construction of two kites is demonstrated. Participants are shown how to make templates for cutting kite sails.

Eddy Kites

Adult Workshops

Workshops are available for older teens and adults. In one a Hexagonal-shaped three-stick kite using a three point bridle is made. In another a Butterfly kite is made. This kite has a more complex frame with a two point bridle. These kites take a minimum of two (2) hours to complete. Group size effects time needed to complete the project. No sewing or gluing. Other workshops are available as well. Contact me for more details.

Kite Workshop Kite


Kite Festivals

We create a kite festival or just fly kites for your event. The kite festival can be adjusted for your needs. A large open area works best for this. Kite making can be included with this package. I am a New York state  kite dealer.  We can vend small kites or supply them to you at discount price.

Kite Festival