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In February we organized a mini-kite festival in Isla Blanca, a peninsula about half an hour north of Cancun, Mexico. We had kite flyers from the US and Canada as well as Mexico. Kids from La Casita children’s home and La Gloria English School also enjoyed making and flying their own kites. To go to, Click Here (opens in new window)

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  • Z says:

    It sounds like it was a wonderful festival! How I would have loved to have been there!

  • manolo says:

    Dear friends, will you organized Isla Blanca Kite Fest the next year? if so do you know exactly when? thanx

  • carlosst says:

    The festival is at the end of Feb every year. This year it is Feb 25th & 26th. It is open to the public.

  • carlosst says:

    Hello Zina
    Thanks to the fact that I did not know these comments were sitting here waiting for me, i am just responding.
    Yes I know Boo on me. The festival is Feb 25th & 26th this year. It will be the last Sat & Sunday in Feb every year. You would love it and it would love you :>). More later?.
    God Bless

  • carlosst says:

    Anyone wanting to come to the Isla Blanca kite festival this year is welcome. It is free to the public. We fly large show kites. Kites you have never seen before. Come play games buy a raffle ticket. all money benefits La Casita orphange in Cancun.

  • charles says:

    Hello, we have been very busy but we are back LOL. We are in Cancun, MX getting things lined up for next years Isla Blanca kite festival. It will be on Sat Feb 27th and Sunday Feb 28th. Our host Hotel has a great rate for you. If you come doing the festival week we will arrange all airport transfers for you at a bargain rate. Contact me for any and all details if you and yours are interested in coming to Cancun between Feb 16th and March 16th, 2016.

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