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In February we organized a mini-kite festival in Isla Blanca, a peninsula about half an hour north of Cancun, Mexico. We had kite flyers from the US and Canada as well as Mexico. Kids from La Casita children’s home and La Gloria English School also enjoyed making and flying their own kites. To go to, Click Here (opens in new window)

Let's Fly Kites

… offers kite workshops in New York City and surrounding regions.

  • Kite Building Workshops
  • Kite History
  • Kites In The Classroom
  • Kite Flying Demos

The kite building workshops feature Eddy kites, sled kites, Hexagonal, and Butterfly kites. Most workshop kites require no cutting and can be decorated and built in one to one and a half hours. Some can be built faster.
Different skill levels are required for some kites.

Have an idea for a kite workshop? Let us know

Fees vary. Contact Charles A. Stewart for details.
Telephone: 646 249-9165

Atlantic Coast Kite Festival

Charles’ picture is featured on the website of the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival, held in Virginia Beach, VA. He is doing one of his favorite things, helping people get their kites into the air. To see the picture, Click Here (opens in new window)